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Recycled Leather Earrings

An old leather purse of mine came apart at the seams, so I decided to save the leather for who-knows-what.  I eventually came up with an easy pair of earrings.


  • leather scraps
  • an x-acto knife and cutting mats
  • jewelry glue
  • gold-filled glue-on earring posts

  • gold acrylic paint
  •  a small spray bottle (travel size is perfect)
  • a cardboard box or piece of poster board for spray painting
The Method

1) Cut four strips of leather, one long pair and one shorter pair.  The shorter pair will be in front, so pick which side you would like to face outwards.  I liked the seude-looking side of my leather.

2) Put some gold paint in your spray bottle and thin it with a little water so you can spray without clogging the nozzle.

3) Spray some gold splatters on the shorter strips of leather.  My favorite technique:  Put the strips inside a cardboard box and direct the spray at an inside wall of the box (instead of spraying the leather directly).  The back-splatter created by spraying the side of the box makes nice splatters on the leather.  Allow to dry completely.

4) Glue the top of the short strip to the top of the long strip.  Glue the ear post to the back of the long strip.

5) Let dry. Done!


Labradorite Earrings Tutorial

These were inspired by a pair I saw in Sundance.  I like the mix of gold and silver and the iridescence of the labradorite.  To make them, you will need:

  • two labradorite rondelles
  • 2-4 gold disks
  • 2 sterling silver head-pins
  • 2 small sterling silver round beads
  • sterling silver beads
  • 2 gold-filled ear-wires
  • round nose and flat nose jewelry pliers

Start by putting one small silver bead on your head-pin. Follow with the labradorite rondelle and the two gold disks.  Add your silver beads until you reach your desired length, and then bind off the head-pin with a wrapped loop.  Attach to your ear-wire. Repeat for the second earring.

Washer and Ribbon Necklace

I recently saw a girl wearing this necklace and decided to make my own.  I referenced this blog to learn how to thread the ribbon.  I sewed a snap on the end, but you could leave the ribbon long and tie it around your neck.

Total cost: under $5

Two New Bracelets

A Charm Bracelet for Adults

This bracelet was hand-formed from a large-gauge gold-filled wire and hammered.  I added several charms with wire-wrapped loops.  I like this bracelet because I can add more beads whenever I’m in the mood for a 5-minute crafting session.


Coral, swarovski crystal spacers, gold-filled cones, wire and lobster clasp

Crafty Bedroom Tour


Key Holder
Paper on wood with Anthropologie hook


Paper-Covered Switch Plate


Upholstery Fabric Pillow Covers


Embroidery Hoop Dream Catchers
from this tutorial


Rough-Cut Diamond and Pearl Necklace


My former roommate Joy and I started making jewelry together a few years ago.  Then we started getting ourselves in trouble at the tri-annual gem faire in Santa Barbara.  Jewelry supplies are expensive in Santa Barbara, but you can get great deals when the faire is in town.  A few years ago I fell in love with a strand of rough-cut diamonds.  I’d never really seen them before (they are quite stunning), so I bought a strand for $40, which is a steal for rough-cut diamonds, if you can believe it.



Last summer I started stringing them into six strands for a bracelet, but I lost interest and never finished.  I recently resumed the “diamond project,” took apart my hard work, and re-strung them, along with tiny seed-pearls and a couple 24kt gold-covered seed beads, as a necklace.



Rough-cut diamonds are little fuckers.  They are incredibly small and the holes through them are even smaller.  I used very fine jewelry wire and several cocktails (which probably inhibited my accuracy, but kept me from going insane while stringing them). I completed my necklace after a couple hours.



Jewelry Storage: Earring Hanger Tutorial


Last summer my  mom gave me a great idea for displaying earrings.  Because I make them so often, my collection of earrings verges on obscene.  Now I can see them all at once.

Total Cost: 2 yds burlap (3.00) + thread + stick = $3

The Method

1. Cut two large rectangles of burlap in contrasting colors and four small strips (roughly 2″x6″).  If you want each color to show, make one strap slightly wider than the other.

2.  Fold the straps and sandwich between the top sides of the two large rectangles.  Pin the straps in place.

3.  Topstitch the large rectangles together on three sides, leaving the bottom open so you can get your hand up there to put on the earring backs.

4.  Find a stick.  Mine came from Paradise (no joke).

5.  Loop the stick through your straps and hang!

Instead of making straps, you could fold your large rectangle over the stick or a clothes hanger and sew to secure.
I have a few “s” hooks ($.10 each at the hardware store) on the back side of my hanger, so I can hang necklaces too.