Happy Halloween, Part 2: Alice

This year my hunny and I dressed as the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland.

My roommate was getting rid of this Marie Antoinette costume, so I took it off his hands.  Here’s how it looked:

To start, I removed the sleeves and bows, fixed a couple holes in the skirt, and used hem-tape to make the dress sleeveless.  Then, I covered a lot of the existing trim with a black ribbon trim I found at Fabric Outlet.  I cut the synthetic lace trim out of the neckline and replaced it with a cotton-eyelet lace trim.  I hand-sewed a delicate lace trim, some chain, and two clock buttons to the bust.

I made a belt by gluing black flower trim to a thick black ribbon.  And with several yards of blue and ivory tulle, I made an Alice tutu with an elastic waist.

Finally, I made a giant bow from a wide black flower-embellished ribbon and glued a hair comb to the back.

The Mad Hatter

Mike bought a hat at Cliff’s Variety and we embellished it with ribbon, butterflies, a snail and a skull hat pin.  I used this tutorial to make the hat pin.  I also made him a mushroom “corsage.”  We found all of the accessories in the arts & crafts side of Cliff’s.

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