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Easy Headbands

You only need some sort of trim/ribbon and a small piece of elastic to make these.  Cut the trim a few inches shorter than the circumference of your head and sew each end to the elastic.  Easy!


Washer and Ribbon Necklace

I recently saw a girl wearing this necklace and decided to make my own.  I referenced this blog to learn how to thread the ribbon.  I sewed a snap on the end, but you could leave the ribbon long and tie it around your neck.

Total cost: under $5

Two New Bracelets

A Charm Bracelet for Adults

This bracelet was hand-formed from a large-gauge gold-filled wire and hammered.  I added several charms with wire-wrapped loops.  I like this bracelet because I can add more beads whenever I’m in the mood for a 5-minute crafting session.


Coral, swarovski crystal spacers, gold-filled cones, wire and lobster clasp