Rough-Cut Diamond and Pearl Necklace


My former roommate Joy and I started making jewelry together a few years ago.  Then we started getting ourselves in trouble at the tri-annual gem faire in Santa Barbara.  Jewelry supplies are expensive in Santa Barbara, but you can get great deals when the faire is in town.  A few years ago I fell in love with a strand of rough-cut diamonds.  I’d never really seen them before (they are quite stunning), so I bought a strand for $40, which is a steal for rough-cut diamonds, if you can believe it.



Last summer I started stringing them into six strands for a bracelet, but I lost interest and never finished.  I recently resumed the “diamond project,” took apart my hard work, and re-strung them, along with tiny seed-pearls and a couple 24kt gold-covered seed beads, as a necklace.



Rough-cut diamonds are little fuckers.  They are incredibly small and the holes through them are even smaller.  I used very fine jewelry wire and several cocktails (which probably inhibited my accuracy, but kept me from going insane while stringing them). I completed my necklace after a couple hours.


    • Lanny Sullivan
    • August 6th, 2010

    Stunning, Megan. How long is it? I paid $124.00 for my strand two years ago, so you got a bargain. I can’t believe you wrote “little f……”. Your Mother reads this blog! Love you. Your Mother.

  1. last month i gave my girlfriend a pearl necklace and she was very very happy :”;

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