Jewelry Storage: Earring Hanger Tutorial


Last summer my  mom gave me a great idea for displaying earrings.  Because I make them so often, my collection of earrings verges on obscene.  Now I can see them all at once.

Total Cost: 2 yds burlap (3.00) + thread + stick = $3

The Method

1. Cut two large rectangles of burlap in contrasting colors and four small strips (roughly 2″x6″).  If you want each color to show, make one strap slightly wider than the other.

2.  Fold the straps and sandwich between the top sides of the two large rectangles.  Pin the straps in place.

3.  Topstitch the large rectangles together on three sides, leaving the bottom open so you can get your hand up there to put on the earring backs.

4.  Find a stick.  Mine came from Paradise (no joke).

5.  Loop the stick through your straps and hang!

Instead of making straps, you could fold your large rectangle over the stick or a clothes hanger and sew to secure.
I have a few “s” hooks ($.10 each at the hardware store) on the back side of my hanger, so I can hang necklaces too.


    • Danielle
    • July 15th, 2010

    Okay Megan, awesome idea, I’m going to try this today since all my earrings are sitting jumbled in a box!!!

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