Toggle Clasp Earrings


I went to RAG again yesterday while walking around Hayes Valley and saw some beautiful jewelry by Little Hunter, a San Francisco-based designer.  I really liked her use of a very dainty toggle clasp in one of her earring designs.  Last night, I raided my supplies and made these.  I wish I’d had some gold-filled clasps for these (mom?) but instead I found base metal ones.  I like how this design uses a standard jewelry component in an unexpected way.

two toggle clasps
gold-filled jewelry wire
two beads
jewelry tools: round and flat nosed pliers, wire cutters
ear wires or a ear wire maker


The Method

1.  If using an ear-wire maker, follow the instructions to make your two ear wires.

2.  Attach one half of your toggle clasp to each ear wire.



3.  Wire-wrap your stones to the second half of each ear wire.  Here are some instructions for this technique.  There are a couple of differences between the method I use and the one in this tutorial.  Namely: I use about half as much wire as they do to cut down on waste; in step 3, I bend the wire so it fits the sides of the stone snugly; and in step 7, I close it with a second wrapped loop.



4.  Put your toggle claps together.


    • Lanny Sullivan
    • July 5th, 2010


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