Linen Summer Scarf

I made this lightweight scarf using this tutorial but modified a couple of steps because I don’t own a serger.  I bought two yards of this 60”-wide distressed linen I found at Discount Fabric, hemmed it on all sides with a double fold, and added a trim (a little less than 3 yards) to the ends with a zig zag stitch.

Total cost: linen (15) + trim (2) + matching thread (3) = $20

I thought it might look bulky because there’s a lot of fabric, but I’m glad I didn’t change the original width.

It’s a huge scarf turtleneck…

…that doubles as a park blanket!

  1. this scarf looks lovely, especially with the trimmings that u have added :)

  2. you are so crafty.
    i didn’t know.
    hope to see you,
    or hear from you,

    little solomon says hello. (he’s 3months old)

    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you! I’ve been away from my blog but still keeping up with yours. I’d love to see more pictures of Solomon. I bet he’s grown so much! I hope to see you soon.

      All my love to your beautiful family, Meg

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