DIY Address Numbers


When we moved into our San Francisco apartment last October, our address was marked by a small post-it and everyone had trouble finding our place.   Rather than buy address numbers at Cliff’s, our neighborhood hardware store, I decided I could easily make some.  I hate buying things I can make myself.

Hanging Numbers:  The Method

Tracing Paper
Fancy Paper of your choosing, plus thick cardstock for reinforcement, if your fancy paper is thin
Exacto knife
Spray mount or glue (to attach your paper and cardstock)
sewing machine and thread, or glue
tacks for hanging

Using MSWord, I found a number font I liked and used tracing paper to make templates for each number.  I cut these out with an exacto knife and then traced the numbers onto paper from an old bird calandar (if you’re using cardstock reinforcement, glue the papers together and let dry before cutting the numbers out).


One of the months of my bird calendar was an image of lots of different bird eggs.  I cut out several.

Then I found some bird templates online and traced them to make these:



After I cut out all my numbers, birds and eggs, I cut three lengths of ribbon, laid them flat on my counter and arranged all the cut-outs along them.  Using a scrap ribbon, I found the proper thread tension for sewing on ribbon and paper, and then I sewed down the length of each ribbon, sewing each paper cut-out into place.  You could turn this into a no-sew project by gluing the cut-outs to the ribbon instead.



Wire Numbers: The Method

craft wire
round and flat-nosed jewelry pliers
nails and hammer to hang



I learned some basic wire-wrapping techniques a few summers ago, but I’m sure you could do this without any experience.

I used the craft-wire to form each number with pliers.  Then I used a separate wire to connect each number by wrapping it around them.  I added another small wire on top of the middle 7, so that I had a loop to nail through.

I’d be happy to make these for anybody.  They are so easy and cheap! Please contact me if you’re interested in some custom-crafted address numbers.

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