Silk-covered Bangle Tutorial

This project is SOOOOO easy!  You can use up scrap fabric and cover an old bracelet you don’t wear anymore.

Total cost: $0.00!

The Method

1.  Cut or tear a piece of scrap fabric into a 1″x45″ strip (no need to be exact).  I had this beautiful silk left over from this project.  Find an old bracelet.

2.  Put a dot of glue on the inside of your bracelet, stick one of the ends of the fabric to it, and start wrapping.

3.  Continue wrapping, gluing every so often, until you have reached the end.  Glue the end to the inside of the bracelet.

4.  If you’d like to add a “bow,” cut or tear two small strips (I made mine different widths) and tie them around your wrapped bracelet.  Cut the ends to your desired length.

5.  DONE!

  1. Very cute! thanks from Greece!

  2. Megan, what a beautiful blog! Your photography is picture perfect. I had no idea you were so crafty. Thanks for sharing your link…maybe I’ll get inspired to get artsy!

  3. Thank you, girls! I can’t wait for our lunch date, Lara. It’d be better in Greece though, I’m sure. :-)

  4. looks very easy, just need to find some old bangles

  5. I love making these – especially with all the sari silk ribbons and yarns out there right now – really fun!

    I like to “up-cycle” my bangles and have found tons of them at various thrift stores and they’re inexpensive this way, too.

    I love the colors you used in this tutorial – it really pops!!

  1. June 21st, 2010

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