Silk Circle Scarf with Modified French Seams

I bought some beautiful silk on a whim at Discount Fabric because the colors were so interesting and disparate.  I love unexpected color combinations.

This was my second project sewing with silk — a slightly difficult fabric — and I’m definitely a little more comfortable with it now.  That’s why I decided to try a new technique — a modified French seam — to join the two halves of my scarf. You could make this circle scarf with any fabric, but silk is especially pretty and light for summer.

The Method

1.  Starting with one yard of fabric of your choice, cut or tear the fabric down its length into two equal pieces.  Silk tears easily, doesn’t fray much and looks nice with raw edges.  Press any wrinkles.

2.  Pin together the two separate pieces at the top (along the short width); if you have a fabric that is not reversible, pin with the wrong sides facing.

3.  Now for the French seams.  Topstitch the two pieces together with a small seam allowance (1/4” or so).   I used my walking foot attachment to limit how much the silk slips around while sewing.

4.  Lay fabric flat and press open the seam.

5.  Fold the fabric so that the seam is now on the inside.  Press so that the seam lays flat on the inside and the outside is neatly folded and pressed.

6.  Topstich about ¼” or so away from the fold.  Open your fabric and press the fold to one side.  This is technically the backside of your garment, but this scarf is essentially reversible.

7.  Stitch the edge of the fold to the fabric.

The two sides of your fabric should look like this:

9.  Now you should have your two halves attached on one side with a pretty seam.  Repeat steps 3-8 on the other side to complete the circle.   If you would like your seams to match, make sure you pin the wrong-sides facing again.

10.  You’re done! Loop and enjoy.

Total cost: 1 yard silk (50%off*20/yard) + thread (1.50) = $11.50

  1. June 20th, 2010

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