Vintage Sequin Earrings

I saw some vintage sequin earrings at Paxton Gate in San Francisco and loved their modern shape.  Their designer, Giovanna Torrica, lives in the Bay Area, and I could tell she gets her sequins at General Bead on Minna.  (If you haven’t been to General Bead, oh my god, you are in for one crazy bead clusterf**k.) For less than $15, I picked up enough sequins to make roughly 10 pairs of earrings.  They are so easy to make!  Someday I will take pictures while making jewelry and write a proper tutorial.  Until then here are some pictures of completed pairs.

These blue ones (made with gold-filled wire, crimp beads, and ear-wires) are my favorite.  This style of sequin also comes in black, so I think eventually I’ll make another pair. Giovanna also has a beautiful necklace in her shop using these too.

I like the irregular shapes of these sequins.  FYI: If you use vintage sequins in jewelry or on clothing, you cannot get them wet.  Supposedly they shrivel.  You can buy the original designs here at Giovanna Torrica’s Etsy shop.

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