Anthropologie-Inspired Lace Tray


  • A plate/tray (this one came from my local thrift store)
  • Spray paint
  • A piece of lace, cut to fit your tray
  • Matte ModPodge

This is a super easy project inspired by this ridiculously expensive catch-all tray at Anthropologie (above left).   I’ve wanted to make a knock-off for a while but refused to buy a brand new plate for the project.  Instead I waited a month or so until I found the right one at Thrift Town.  This project costs less than $5 (if you already have spray paint and Mod Podge).

First I used one coat of spray paint on the bottom of the plate and two coats on top. The hardest part of this project is waiting for the plate to dry completely between each coat.  Then I painted a ModPodge topcoat on the top of the plate.

I cut the lace to fit the plate and used pinking shears to make the torn effect on top.  After the first coat had dried, I put down another layer of Modpodge and used it to “glue” the lace to the plate.

Then I followed with two coats to seal (again, dry between each).  After the top was finished and dry, I gave the bottom of the plate another coat of spray paint and one coat of Modpodge to seal.  Then, I let the tray dry completely and put some pretty things on it (but not food).

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